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Intel's Enemy No. 1: The AMD K6 CPU

The mmX Performance Of The K6

I have to admit it, that because of the lack of decent MMX benchmarks, I had to use the Intel Media Bench, which of course is written by Intel and hence produced to show off Intel CPUs best. However the K6 MMX performance doesn't even under this benchmark look bad at all. The video and image processing performance of the K6 is better than of the Pentium MMX, which I would currently consider as the most important of all these mystical MMX topics and the video performance will most likely even be better than of a Pentium II.

Intel Media BenchmarkK6 233K6 200K6 166Pentium MMX 200Pentium Pro 200
Image Processing697.16605.07527.55684.98219.7

It is obvious, that the MMX performance of the K6 is much better than of the Pentium Pro, which doesn't have the MMX instructions. It's funny that the K6 233 has the same overall performance as the Pentium MMX 200 in IMB, but a better video and image processing performance on the cost of a worse 3D and audio performance. Well, which ones would you consider as more important?

  • rockstone1
  • rockstone1
    17 years later.
  • beta212
    Damn, 16 years late. I came to this article after seeing a link on ars, it's rumored that Tom is in Singapore somewhere.