Intel's Enemy No. 1: The AMD K6 CPU

The DOS Performance Of The K6

Today the DOS performance of a computer system is most likely the least important one. Hardly anybody is still using DOS for any business applications, but there are still several computer games, that mainly run under DOS. For me DOS is really nothing else than a gaming OS anymore and that's the reason why I'm only doing game benchmarks for DOS.

In this environment the K6 doesn't really look exactly good. Quake is not one of the K6's favorites and in other 3D applications under DOS it doesn't look well against the PPro at all.

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DOSK6 233K6 200K6 166Pentium MMX 200Pentium Pro 200
Quake 1.06 Timedemo2 640x48014.213.412.215.721.9
PC Player DOS 3D Benchmark26.425.123.123.131
Chris Dial's 3D Bench38.435.331.740.749.6

I can only stress again, that I personally wouldn't give anything about the Quake issue, because there's a Monster 3D and GLQuake, which is faster and much nicer. However the K6 is compared to the Pentium Pro definitely the worse DOS gaming CPU.

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  • rockstone1
    17 years later.
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    Damn, 16 years late. I came to this article after seeing a link on ars, it's rumored that Tom is in Singapore somewhere.