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Intel's Enemy No. 1: The AMD K6 CPU


For quite a long while we didn't hear too much from the Texan CPU manufacturer, that used to give Intel so much trouble in the days of the 386 and 486. The AMD K5 CPU took too long to get ready and when it was released it was too late and too slow to compete against Intel's fast Pentium CPUs. In the last three years AMD had a tough time, but they were planning smartly when they bought the CPU manufacturer NexGen two years ago. The power of NexGen was meant to be the mother of AMD's upcoming K6 CPU and now the day has come to show the world how well this new CPU can compete with Intel's latest processors.

For quite a while the atmosphere at AMD was getting better every day. The expectations into the K6 are high and the computer market wouldn't wish anything more than a real tough competitor to the more and more increasing giant Intel. Intel has lately shown that its practices of ruling the computer industry aren't exactly enjoyable. AMD and Cyrix had already several fights with Intel, but even normal people like Robert Collins or even myself had to face the strong arm tactics of this almost completely ruthless company. Intel is taking over the computer industry bit by bit and it will take more than some hopeful promises to fight off this threat. AMD's K6 could be a serious problem for Intel's sovereignty on the computer market and I am here now to tell you how well the K6 is prepared to take on Intel.

The Performance Of The AMD K6

Well this is what really everyone wants to know. Will the K6 be faster than Intel's Pentium MMX or Pentium Pro? What are its strengths and what its weaknesses?

I've tested the K6 for complete nine days. That's certainly longer than any other computer journalist on the planet. 9 days and 9 nights I tried everything I could do with this CPU, several OS's, several motherboards and of course several clock speeds. I've got hundreds of results and I'll try to make them as clear to you as possible.

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  • rockstone1
    17 years later.
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    Damn, 16 years late. I came to this article after seeing a link on ars, it's rumored that Tom is in Singapore somewhere.