Intel vs. AMD: Celeron 1300 vs. Duron 1200

Testing Procedure And Peculiarities

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Intel HardwareSocket 478
ProcessorIntel Pentium 4/1700 MHz (400 MHz QDR FSB)Intel Celeron 1200 MHz (100 MHz FSB)Intel Celeron 1300 MHz (100 MHz FSB)
Motherboard 1ASUS P4T-E (I850) Revision: 1.00
Motherboard 2ASUS TUSL2-C (I815EPT) Revision: 1.04
Memory 12 x 128 MB, RDRAM, 400 MHz, Viking
Memory 21 x 256 MB, SDRAM, 100 MHz, CL2, Micron
AMD HardwareSocket 462
ProcessorAMD Athlon XP 1500+ (1333/266 MHz DDR)AMD Athlon 1400 MHz (1400/266 MHz DDR)AMD Duron 1200 MHz (1200/200 MHz DDR)
MotherboardEPOX EP-8KHA+ (VIA KT266A) Revision: 2.0
Memory256 MB DDR-SDRAM, CL2, PC2100, Micron
General Hardware
Graphics CardGeForce 3Memory: 64 MB DDR-SDRAMMemory Clock: 400 MHzChip Clock: 250 MHz
Hard Drive40 GB, 5T040H4, MaxtorUDMA100, 7200 rpm, 2 MB Cache
Drivers & Software
Graphics DriverDetonator 4 Series V21.88
DirectX Version8.1
OSWindows XP, Build 2600 (English)
Benchmarks & Settings
Quake III ArenaRetail Version 1.16command line = +set cd_nocd 1 +set s_initsound 0Graphics detail set to 'Normal'Benchmark using 'Q3DEMO1'
3DMark2000Version 1.1 Build 340 - default Benchmark
3DMark2001Build 200 - default Benchmark
SiSoft Sandra 2001Professional Version 2001.3.7.50
Newtek LightwaveRendering Bench SKULL_HEAD_NEWEST.LWS
mpeg4 encodingFlask V0.6 (MPEG 3)DivX 4.02.01Compression: 100Data Rate: 1500 kbitFormat: 720x480 Pixel@25 fpsno Audio
Studio 7Version 7.02.7 (MPEG 2)
Sysmark 2001Patch 3
LameLame 3.89 MMX, SSE, SSE 2, 3DNow
WinACE2.04, 178 MB Wave file, Best Compression,Dictonary 4096 kB
Cinema 4D XL R6CineBench 6.103
Suse Linux 7.3Kernel 2.4.13 Compilation

We'd be up a creek without a suitable board with an 815EPT chipset.

  • yannifb
  • disagree. tualatin celeron eats the duron, especially done right. clearly it comes out ahead in most tests, and that's without even mentioning the fact a tualatin celeron 1000a is the easiest overclock ever at 1330. also, the sis635 chipset could in fact marry this chip to DDR, which wasn't tested here.

    even without all that it still comes out ahead in many "every day" tests, and to just look at the wattage difference, the very slight extra duron oomph simply doesn't justify the fan noise. this line of celerons were the best deal in town when they came out. they are the cherries on top of the 686 cake.
  • amdfangirl
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