Intel vs. AMD: Celeron 1300 vs. Duron 1200

Archiving: WinACE 2.04

Archiving is a very practical application. WinACE 2.04 was used under Windows XP to archive a 178 MB WAV file while the clock was running. The Celeron 1300 comes out ahead of the AMD Duron 1200.

3D Rendering Performance: SPECviewperf "Lightscape"

In the Lightscape benchmark, the AMD Duron 1200 is head and shoulders above the Intel Celeron 1300.

MPEG-2 Video Encoding: Pinnacle Studio 7

The AMD Duron 1200 was substantially faster than the Celeron 1300 at creating an MPEG-2 film using Pinnacle Studio 7.

  • yannifb
  • disagree. tualatin celeron eats the duron, especially done right. clearly it comes out ahead in most tests, and that's without even mentioning the fact a tualatin celeron 1000a is the easiest overclock ever at 1330. also, the sis635 chipset could in fact marry this chip to DDR, which wasn't tested here.

    even without all that it still comes out ahead in many "every day" tests, and to just look at the wattage difference, the very slight extra duron oomph simply doesn't justify the fan noise. this line of celerons were the best deal in town when they came out. they are the cherries on top of the 686 cake.
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