Intel's Pentium II Xeon Processor

Benchmark Results - Continued

The same with the new pre-release Diamond OpenGL power card, blowing away the results of the highly respected Fire GL 4000. The Xeon can show a bit of its strength here, but 1-2 % wouldn't be any reason for buying it over a Pentium II.

3D Studio Max is a well programmed multi-threaded application, which can benefit tremendously from a dual CPU system. However it doesn't push the memory bus to the edge, so that the difference between the two CPUs is very little again.

Trying to push the multi-tasking I let Winzip compress a 1.2 GB file with the highest compression whilst running High End Winstone 98. You can see that neither the Pentium II nor the Pentium II Xeon are impressed by the background file compression much. Try this on a single CPU system and you won't be able to run Winstone at all.