Intel i820 Chipset Review

Business Application Performance - L2 Cache ENABLED

To give an idea of business application performance I chose BAPCo's SYSmark98 & Intel's Business Application Launcher v1.2. We've found that SYSmark98 provides a much more reproducible score than Winstone. To provide a good comparison I put the i820 board (Intel's VC820) against ASUS's P3B-F (440BX chipset) and Epox's EP-6VBA (VIA Apollo Pro 133 chipset). SYSmark98 was ran under both Windows 98SE and NT 4.0 SP5.

Looking at the SYSmark98 results under Win98 the i820 performs just about as fast as the i440BX platform. The VIA based system lags behind both the i820 and i440BX. However, Netshow Encoder and Photoshop seem to enjoy the higher memory bandwidth the i820 & VIA platform offer.

Under WinNT the SYSmark98 results show pretty much the same as the Win98 results. No major performance gain over the i440BX.