Intel Rigs Up: P4 Series with FSB800

MSI In FSB Craze, Continued

First time ever: sophisticated overclocking from the MSI 865 Neo 2 when running applications.

Our lab engineers made a curious discovery when they were examining MSI's 865 Neo 2. The manufacturer has incorporated an ingenious logic circuit that increases the FSB speed between 6 and 8 percent while programs are running; the processor is automatically overclocked.

And this is really interesting: the overclocking does not show up using conventional benchmarking utilities such as WCPUID, Intel CPU Frequency Display, CPUZ or SiSoft Sandra 2003. You need a very specialized tool to reveal the increased bus speed.

Virtually indistinguishable from the more expensive 875P: the Asus P4P800 based on the 865PE chipset.