Intel Roadmap Update June 1999 Part 2: Desktop CPU Roadmaps

Core Name Explanation Table

Before I start going on about all those different code names, I'd like to give you some help with this

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Core NameProcessor NameExplanationDie-Technology
KlamathPentium II 233 - 300Pentium II core.35µ
DeschutesPentium II 300 - 450, Celeron 266, 300 Mobile Pentium II 233 - 300Pentium II core.25µ
MendocinoCeleron 300A - 500,Mobile Celeron 266 - 400Pentium II core+ 128 kB on-die L2 cache.25µ
DixonMobile Pentium II 266 PE - 400Pentium II core+ 256 kB on-die L2 cache.25µ, partly .18µ
KatmaiPentium III 500 - 600Pentium II core+ Streaming SIMD Extensions.25µ
CopperminePentium III 550 - 800Pentium II core+ Streaming SIMD Extensions+ 256 kB on-die L2-cache.18µ
Coppermine-128Celeron 550 - ...Pentium II core+ Streaming SIMD Extensions+ 128 kB on-die L2-cache.18µ