Intel Roadmap Update June 1999 Part I: The Highlights


You haven't found any roadmap updates on this website for quite a while. The reason is pretty simple, I didn't really consider any of the changes in the last six months really interesting enough, the main track never really changed anyhow. The latest update consists of a quite impressive number of newsworthy stuff though, so that I finally decided to make an article out of it.

There are obviously a lot of new things coming up, as you will see in the full overview published later on. Before we get into this dry material I'd prefer to present some of the highlights of the latest roadmap.

The first thing that caught my eye was this interesting quote on a page called

550 MHz Pentium III Processor Press Feedback

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(550 MHz Pentium III Processor) Power is intoxicating, the more you possess the more you seem to end up wanting... SSE is just beginning to show exactly how impactful it can be in real world situations, we believe it will be indispensable when running state of the art apps and entertainment titles at high performance levels...

This incredible quote that makes you feel as if your kids might need some parental guidance before reading it doesn't just come from somewhere, it's from a supposedly 'independent' hardware website. It seems clear that Intel did a great marketing job with this particular editor and I wonder if this person thinks he's indispensable too, or if he was just too intoxicated with some different stuff before he wrote those lines.