Intel Skulltrail Part 2: Overclocking & Power

System-Level Power Consumption - 470 Watts

Compared to the X38 desktop chipset, which itself is not exactly a very modest part, the 5400 workstation Northbridge draws even more power.

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Power Consumption of the 5400 Northbridge
Memory SlotsFSB1333FSB1600
1 active32.3 W35.3 W
2 active33.2 W36.2 W
4 active35.0 W38.0 W

In addition, we need to consider the increased power consumption of the FB-DIMM modules and the two additional Nvidia SLI-Port switch controllers.

In the end, the power meter measured a power consumption of 470 Watts for the entire system. This includes two hard drives, a Creative X-Fi and an Nvidia GeForce 8800 GTX.

Overclockers should budget for a very brawny power supply, as the system will consume an unbelievable 623 Watts.

Since the Speed Step power-saving feature is not yet working on the Skulltrail board, its power consumption is a full 128 Watts higher than that of a single-socket system.