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Issues with VIA's Apollo Pro133A

C - VIA Apollo Pro 133A With CL3 PC133 SDRAM

It's not that easy to get the correct PC133 SDRAM nowadays. Going in a shop and asking for it can get you any kind of PC133-SDRAM. That's not what you want though. PC133 SDRAM only makes real sense if its CAS/RAS latency is 2 clock cycles and not 3. In many cases you will find out that the guys in the computer stores haven't even got the slightest clue what you're talking about if you ask "is this stick PC133 SDRAM CL2 or CL3?" I advise to decline from a purchase in case that you don't know if it is CL2 or CL3. The performance difference is rather significant and you might get rather disappointed if you should have bought the wrong memory.

SysMark2000 does not make that much of a difference if it's CL2 or CL3.

Most 3D games take advantage of CL2, except of Unreal Tournament.