Are You Key-Bored? Maybe It's Time For Something New

Light Done Right

Some months later, they asked me to come visit them at their hotel suite at CES. They ushered me into a darkly lit room and showed me the results of their work . Unprepared for the special peek, I came away with only a few pictures that didn't really do the finished product justice.

Well recently I got my hands on one and have been using it ever since as my primary keyboard for gaming and typing. The key response is perfect, as before, and now the lights are perfect too - proof is that I am once again typing this article in the middle of the night using the keyboard.

Who Wants Bells & Whistles? I Am Happy With Flashing Lights

I mentioned that technology had been a barrier before. Well, Saitek pioneered their own laser etching technique, to make sure each key lets just the right amount of light come through. Too much and you would get a sort of blooming effect which would obscure the details of the lettering or numbers; too little and they would be overtaken by the light coming from around the keys.

That being said, if the overall light level from the board is too intense for a particular situation, it has toggle button for reducing the level from "high" to "low or even turning it off entirely.

Beyond that, the only other special function keys are volume controls, which is a bonus for this editor, who never uses any others (except on my media PC).

For its quality of build, sexy looks and sleek design, Saitek's Eclipse Keyboard deserves our coveted "Must Have Award". It should appeal to both gamers and secretaries alike, and has found its identity without trying to be something it's not - it is nothing more than a great keyboard that lights up.