Are You Key-Bored? Maybe It's Time For Something New

Are You Key-Bored?

What was the last thing you upgraded on your computer? If you are a THG reader it was most likely your graphics card or CPU, components that a novice user may never even touch. But when was the last time you gave your computer a good keyboard swap?

Many times the keyboard is the last thing to get replaced on a system that has had many upgrades - even mice turn over at a much higher rate. But have you taken a good look at the thing lately? The keys weren't dingy brown and grey when you got it, you know.

Let THG hold your dirty little hand and show you two new keyboards that just may find their new home in front of your monitor... or possibly even your television.

Belkin's MediaPilot

A Pilot Aiming For Media Center PCs

While I usually look at my keyboards with the eye of a gamer, moving into a new place and setting up a dedicated media PC to work with my television afforded me the opportunity to look at this new keyboard from Belkin in a different light. Conspicuously called the MediaPilot, Belkin has set its sights right on those who are giving into the industry's recent push of the media center PC.

The MediaPilot sports some features that will help it hit its target for most consumers. First, unlike most wireless keyboards that require regular replacement of batteries, the MediaPilot recharges on its base through the USB cord. This eliminates one of the most frustrating aspects of the wireless office - that period when your batteries are dying, causing the device to behave intermittently, but you haven't figured it out yet that it is the weak batteries causing the problems.

The MediaPilot also features bright LEDs on the base that tell you when it is charging, when the Caps Lock key is on, and so forth.