Interview: Bigfoot's Killer NIC, Exposed


TH: Does Bigfoot have any plans to revamp the Killer NIC into PCI Express, based on enthusiasts that have boards which lack proper layout to support the Killer NIC because of dual or 3-way SLI?

Harlan: In short, yes. The issue is one of technology limitations.  There will be no big “latency” differences in a PCI-E versus a PCI version, since our benefits come mostly from ‘bypassing Windows’… only slightly more throughput performance and ability to fit better into some folks’ PCs.  Good news is that the PCI version just recently hit $149.99 MSRP (deals are everywhere), and we’re dedicated to making that version continue to be best-in-class... Many folks have an open PCI Slot, and there’s no reason to wait (for who knows how long) for our engineers to finish PCI-E when it won’t be better from a latency standpoint, and will continue to carry any new features found in PCI-E forward with it.

TH: Finally, are there any new cool ideas being tossed around at Bigfoot? For example, a consumer router with BitTorrent capability so that consumers can turn off their PC but have a router that will continue torrenting with an external hard drive? Or maybe a a consumer VoIP solution for gamers in the form of an external device acting as a server/client?

Harlan: Tons of cool ideas, and many underway.  Right now, we’re not announcing anything new, but I will leave you with a few industry observations.  First is that Online Gaming continues to grow and get more complex and more ‘social’ and more “experience rich”.  It is my expectation that VOIP is going to become a ‘standard’ feature of games, and video is not far behind.  Second, the idea that an MMO has to be slow-paced is frustrating to me. Why can’t we play Battlefield 2 and Age of Conan as one game?

I believe that our final goal – The End of Lag – is to make it possible to play twitch-MMO games that let you ‘take aim’ in a massive battle and experience the VOIP bloodlust calls of your friends while you hack into real players in real time on a massive scale.  This vision is why I founded Bigfoot Networks, and technologies and products that enable it are what you can expect more of from Bigfoot in the future.

TH: Thanks to Harlan Beverly, CEO of Bigfoot Networks Inc. for his time answering our questions!

  • Bottom line, why pay over 100 dollars for a nic that already exists for free on your motherboard? heck, alot of motherboards have 2 nics today, running at gigabit speeds!
  • Zug-Zug
    yeah great "article" (scoff) that a killer nic add I see on the right ?

    credibility plummets...
  • giovanni86
    It looks nice. But i wouldn't buy it because from a price/performance perspective it doesn't do me a damn thing. And as mentioned above motherboards are already equipped with one or two at gigs of speed. I thought paying 10 bucks back then was expensive. $150 or more for one of these, i rather buy another GPU. Then again there are some out there that believe this thing makes a difference, and therefore buy it and in any case its the only reason there still around today. If it were like 50 bucks i would consider it, but as stated with triple sli and say a sound blaster card added to say like a mother like the 790i you wouldn't have room for a Killer Nic card installed anyway. Motherboard manufacturers would have to make more space on there to fit a Killer nic card.
  • blackwidow_rsa
    ^ probably a targeted ad
  • Killer joke. We all know it is one and I can achieve even better results with a few iptables rules on my router.

    This product is a joke. Please just admit it already.
  • grieve
    Yah if the price were reasonable, $30-$60 i would possibly consider it as i wouldn't be out 150 bucks if it doesnt improve anything.

    If reviews prove this card improves gameplay i would possibly consider @ the $150 price point....maybe
  • squiZZ
    Since when do we care about an interview about a product. Show us the real world tests and comparisons like you used to. blatant advertising?

    *this message brought to you in part by Bigfoot Networks Inc.
  • hansmuff
    Look.. sorry. I'll be rude. WTF is this crap?


    No benchmarks, no interview, just marketing droning on and on. No challenge, nothing.
    I am no defender of for a reason: "articles" like this.
  • bydesign
    The Killer nic is a Killer disappointment. The main reason is it's addressing something that work fairly well to begin with. Perhaps with an IPv6 Internet with some QoS rules for gaming protocols that only worked with the card and they might have something.

    Couldn't the UDP stack be tweaked in software to achieve similar results? They have built a solution that doesn't really have a problem. I think part of the reason the price is so high is fool some into thinking it's work it. Even then grieve is right about the price $30-$60 max.
  • i hate lag.... but i got used to in gaming....

    and why did i suddenly get spam since im writing in tomshardware?