LCD TV Set Fall Preview


For the fall season, we've decided to focus on 26" and 27" TV sets, which thanks to their smaller screens, continue to offer the best pixel-interpolation performance. These TV sets are also becoming reasonably priced. Many of the models we tested retail for less than $1,000.

As a preamble to this review, you might want to take a look at our earlier article on flat-panel display technologies. You can also look at our test methodology in detail here , and also the "What you need to know before you buy..." section of our preceding comparative review .

And if 27" just isn't enough for you, don't worry. Our comparison of 30" and 32" sets is on its way.


Let's start with a challenger. Acer is well known on desktops, but less familiar in living rooms. Yet the manufacturer is determined to move into this market, despite the heavy competition. Let's see if they've got the stuff.

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Diagonal measurement26"
Native resolution1280 x 768
Brightness450 nits
Latency16 ms
Colors16.7 M
H/V viewing angles170/170
Connectivity2 Peritel/SCART (EU), cinch, S-Video, DVI, headphone
PC and convergent connectivityVGA/DVI audio mini-jack
Price$930 - $1000

Design and Finish

The design of the AL2671W is very clean, but ordinary. The materials are traditional-looking, robust but without elegance. The silver-gray plastic won't fool anybody for very long, but at a price of less than $1,000 at most retail channels, the set's looks are more than acceptable.