LCD TV Set Fall Preview

Video Quality

The display showed little video noise, even using the cinch connectors, which deliver a lower-quality signal. The horizontal viewing angles were sufficient, but the vertical angle was a little tight. The 170 degrees claimed in the specs are optimistic. Even with low-definition content and using an entry-level DVD player, the AL2671W produced a clear, sharp picture. But the reactivity was a little behind the benchmark, and if your favorite action movie is a little too frenetic, it'll be noticeable.


As we just mentioned, the interpolation is good when playing DVDs. We should note, however, that the image was a little jagged, especially with video games on the Xbox.

PC Mode

Using the AL2671W with a PC didn't convince us. It was very difficult to get a stable image at 1280 x 768, and the text wasn't very legible. That's a shame, since using a small form factor PC in conjunction with an LCD TV is the best solution for getting the most out of your set at an affordable price.

Sound Quality

Here again, you'll have to look elsewhere. The sound the AL2671W put out wasn't very good. It sounded muffled, and the inclusion of advanced sound processing functions (SRS WoW) didn't do much to change that. But in fact, few LCD TV sets we've tested offer good sound. The Samsung LW26A33W is an exception we might mention.


The results of Acer's entry into the LCD TV market with the AL2671W are mixed. Its image quality is acceptable, but the accumulation of slight faults here and there makes it hard to recommend. Still, if you're not interested in using a PC with it, the AL2671W is a good little set for watching television and the occasional DVD. But movie buffs should look elsewhere.