LCD TV Set Fall Preview

Hyundai HQL260WR

If you're looking for a low-cost LCD TV, Phocus isn't the only game in town anymore. Hyundai now offers their HQL260WR for a reasonable price. While its finish seems a little nicer, connectivity is a little more limited, with no DVI.

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Hyundai HQL260WR
Diagonal measurement26"
Native resolution1280 x 768
Brightness450 nits
Latency23 ms
Colors16.7 M
H/V viewing angles170/170
Connectivity2 Peritel/SCART (EU), cinch, S-Video, YUV, headphone
PC and convergent connectivityVGA
Price$840 - $1480

Design And Finish

The design of the HQL260WR is in fact very close to that of the HQL320WR. The only difference is in the finish on the semicircular base. Otherwise, there's the same LCD panel flanked by two black speakers, all surrounded by solid aluminum bars. The finish is acceptable even if the materials are very plastic-looking.


Hyundai has brought back the OSD from the HQL320WR for this model. The result is identical. The remote control, while reduced to its simplest expression, is effective and robust, and the OSD is adequate and easy to use.


Unfortunately, there are problems here. With no HDMI or even DVI, there isn't much choice for access to high definition. Only analog YUV input is available and your only option is VGA if you use a small form factor PC .