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Life in the Fast Lane: New Boards for the Athlon 64

Chaintech VNF4 Ultra

Board Revision: ?

BIOS Version: 3

The VNF4 Ultra is a compact ATX mobo with NVIDIA's nForce4 Ultra. There's no room for additional components on this board; fortunately, the chipset contains many vital components already. For instance, there are four Serial ATA connections with Command Queuing support and SATA-II speeds, two ATA/100 channels, the NVIDIA network controller with ActiveArmor firewall, a decent sound system and two x1 PCIe slots.

Chaintech's component layout does wonders for air circulation, allowing the heat generated by the memory modules to be funneled unchallenged to the rear of the case by means of a fan. There's nothing to stop you from adding extra-long expansion cards either.

The package contents are average but more than adequate. Chaintech has also thrown Norton Internet Security 2004 and two other titles into its "value pack".