LightScribe: Professional Labels in Your DVD Recorder!

A "Light" Hand

Since the introduction of double layer media, the only significant area for differentiation between DVD recorders has been speed. But even here, development will soon reach the theoretical limits as we get closer and closer to the maximum speed of 16X. Consequently, manufacturers will be obliged to add more functions if they want to stay ahead of the game.

The latest novelty, LightScribe, is a fairly useful addition. It allows a recorder to actually label the CD (or DVD) directly. No more messy marker pens or sticky labels. Picture yourself producing professional-style labels using the same laser that burns your data, right inside your own CD/DVD drive! Is it worth it? Read on as we find out.

LightScribe technology was introduced just over a year ago by Hewlett Packard, and has now become a standard component that can be integrated by all manufacturers who want to offer this technology. How does it work? Well, once your recording is finished, you go back to the disk and use a simple tool called Nero Burning ROM, which guides you step by step through the process of creating the silk-screen image that will become your label. The tool is bundled with the latest version of LightScribe, and can produce a silk screen including images and text - in fact, anything you like. Obviously you have to use blank discs that are compatible with the technology; their top surface has a special coating. Some disk manufacturers, such as Imation and Verbatim, have already made these special media available.