Logitech's Wireless Ergonomics


Good ergonomics doesn't come cheap. At $89.99 and $69.99, the Wave and the VX Nano can be more expensive than many of the alternatives - but they more than make up for the cost in comfort and build quality (We should note that our test Wave managed to survive traveling from the United States to the UK in hold luggage without any special protection).

We were impressed with the quality of both devices, and with their capabilities. The Wave quickly replaced the Microsoft Natural Keyboard family in our affections, proving to be a comfortable and capable keyboard with just the right amount of keyboard travel. The VX Nano is small and easy to use, and surprisingly comfortable for a travel mouse. However, it's the tiny RF receiver that really makes the grade - no tangled wires in the luggage, and a simple way to store the receiver in the mouse when you're not using it Compare Prices on Wireless Logitech Devices.

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  • The VX Nano needs 2 AAA batteries, not two. Also, the VX Nano comes bundled with TWO AAA batteries, not just one
  • DXRick
    And just how will these designs help those of us that are still typing with two fingers??