Logitech's Wireless Ergonomics

Configuring The VX Nano

The VX Nano can be configured from Logitech's SetPoint control panel. You can change the left- and right-click around, and add alternate functions to the back and forward buttons, along with the left- and right-scroll. While this isn't as flexible as the Wave's, it's still useful - even if only to use a mouse as a temporary media player controller at a party. Logitech also provides tools for controlling how the VX Nano works with games, letting you set whether the game or SetPoint controls mouse acceleration.

Logitech has fitted a scaled down version of the flywheel mouse wheel from the MX Revolution to the VX Nano. While not as heavy as that of the MX Revolution's, the wheel gives the same smooth scrolling action.

SetPoint has added software settings to control how the wheel scrolls - whether it defaults to smooth scrolling, or to using the ratcheted slow scroll. We chose the third option, which lets you switch between the two by clicking the mouse wheel. The smooth scroll is as good as the MX Revolution, and is almost frictionless. You'll soon see the benefit when scrolling through a long Web page or a massive Excel spreadsheet.

Battery life is good, with the mouse only requiring a single AAA battery (one is bundled with the package). There are two ways to see if a battery needs changing: SetPoint indicates the available charge and an estimated lifespan and an LED on the mouse shows when you need to replace it. Logitech suggests that battery life should be around six months. However, we've been using our test device for nearly two months now, and SetPoint is currently reporting 95% charge and 158 days of battery life.

Logitech has started providing soft cases for its portable devices. The VX Nano comes with an attractive black padded case, which doubles as a polishing cloth - keeping the VX Nano's curves nice and shiny! It'll also keep the mouse from getting scratched when thrown in with the power supplies and other paraphernalia at the bottom of a laptop back pack.

  • The VX Nano needs 2 AAA batteries, not two. Also, the VX Nano comes bundled with TWO AAA batteries, not just one
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