Logitech Z-5500 Speakers: Much Muscle, More Options

Revised And Improved Satellites

Higher but not as wide as the preceding models, the satellites are well suited for traditional PC usage, and a little less for other uses. Unfortunately the vertical angle can't be adjusted. Using a technique already used on the brand's other models, the base can pivot and serve as a wall attachment system using two screw holes in the base. The only slightly bothersome point will be the connecting cable to the amplification unit. Since it's built in and terminated by a cinch connector, it'll take a little work if its length doesn't suit your installation. Technically, the five satellites are identical; the center-channel module simply has a different base so that it can be placed horizontally for installation above or below the screen.

Each satellite is fitted with a very handsome full-range speaker with a central polished-metal phase plug. Technically they're identical to those of the preceding generation, but the new models use a new membrane with an aluminum surface treatment. The rubber half-roll suspension is also different. Using a reflex-type loading (the port opens at the top of the rear surface) the loudspeaker is carefully integrated into the front panel of the enclosure by a kind of truncated horn - an excellent approach that limits the phenomenon of diffraction.