Low Cost, Mid-Range or High-End? Three CD Writers at 8, 12 and 16 speed

AOpen CRW1232-A

AOpen's retail box includes the drive, plus one CD-R, one CD-RW, Nero 5.0, Gammut 2000, one IDE cable, an audio cable and a short manual. Nero is a very popular CD recording software. Gammut is an audio player that was been bundled with the predecessing CD writer from AOpen, the CRW1232 (without the A) already. Please check the AOpen 12speed CD Writer review for more information about this software.

Configuring the writer just as you would any other IDE drive. Set the jumper for master or slave and you are done.

The drive basically runs quietly, but when accessing a disc it is clearly louder than with the two other models. You should be aware of that if you plan to use your CD writer as CD reader as well.

I tried to interrupt the writing process by having WinZIP compress almost 1 GB of small files. The writer stopped five times and resumed work after a short break.