Low Cost, Mid-Range or High-End? Three CD Writers at 8, 12 and 16 speed

Three CD-Writers From AOpen, Mitsumi And Yamaha

Unlike the ongoing GHz battle between Intel and AMD, technological advances in the CD recording sector often remain less noticed. However, CD recording standards recently received a boost when Yamaha announced its 20-speed CD writer, just in time for the CeBIT.

Currently the fastest CD writers are available from Plextor and Yamaha. They support 16-speed CD recording, 10-speed CD-RW writing and 40-speed CD reading. Those drives can write a 74 min data or audio CD within 5 minutes.

Although most people usually write only one disc at a time, those who have to make regular backups or multiple copies will certainly appreciate the value of a fast recorder. This review compares three completely different models: An attractive 8-speed model from Mitsumi - basically enough for home use.

AOpen's new 12-speed recorder CRW1232-A with Just Link technology and Yamaha's top model, the 16-speed writer CRW2100E. Mitsumi's recorder starts at less than $ 90. The AOpen drive can be purchased for approximately $ 135 and Yamaha's flagship product costs at least $ 220 (prices according to www.pricewatch.com , March 21).