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Magneto-Optical Storage: Fujitsu DynaMO 1300 Pocket

Alternatives: DynaMO 640 U2 Photo And 2300 U2

Because of the slow USB 1.1 interface, the DynaMO 640 Pocket is no longer the best choice. The U2 Photo gives you more for your money.

The Fujitsu family of MO drives has by now grown considerably in size - in spite of the refusal of other manufacturers to entertain MO technology. The simplest way to store magneto-optically goes by the name of DynaMO 640 Pocket. However, it comes with a drawback: the slow interface still only supports the USB 1.1 protocol and allows a maximum throughput of 12 Mbit/s.

The DynaMO 640 U2 Photo is far more advanced. In addition to its USB 2.0 port, the device features reading devices for all common memory cards. It can also be used for the MO storage function, as well as to dump the contents of a storage medium onto the inserted MO disk - even when there's no computer available. Western Digital's Media Center is a related product, but their card readers are merely a nice giveaway.

If you need more storage space, you should make a beeline for the DynaMO 2300 U2. Instead of 640 MB or 1.3 GB, it has room for a healthy 2.3 GB. Even if this is no longer really impressive, in many cases the main point is secure, long-term storage for important data. Although Fujitsu only mentions its sturdiness in the website product description, a service life of 50 years is generally assumed.

Fujitsu DynaMO 640 U2 Photo: featuring 6-in-1 card reader and automatic copy function to the inserted MO medium independently of a computer.

The Fujitsu DynaMO 2300 U2 is the largest version available. With about the same dimensions, it has space for 2.3 GB.