Matrox Parhelia-512 - The Challenger

Glyph Anti-Aliasing For Fonts

Windows 2000 and XP allow fonts to be smoothed, but, depending on the application, this happens at the cost of 2D performance - up to 30%. Even though 2D performance is generally more than sufficient these days, a few manufacturers are offering hardware-driven anti-aliasing for fonts with their graphics cards.

These solutions, however, do not take gamma calculations into consideration. Parhelia relies fully on the hardware to take care of anti-aliased fonts, therefore there's no loss of performance, and variable gamma calculation is still enabled.

Drivers & Co

Matrox announces support for the standard versions of Microsoft Windows, but what they really mean is that Windows 2000 and XP will be supported first. Support for Windows 9x/Me will be introduced later, as well as support for Linux.

The Matrox PowerDesk lets you set the various 2D and 3D features for the Parhelia-512 chips.