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Meet Drobo: A Data-Saving Robot

How Does It Work? Background Check For Data Security

Drobo is based on VXWorks, which constantly checks available storage capacity in the background and distributes data across all inserted hard drives if necessary. This way Drobo makes sure that all your data will be safely stored on remaining hard drives in case one of the drives fails. To accomplish this task, Drobo divides available storage capacity into logical discs, which Drobo fills with data. In case a hard drive fails or is added, those logical drives are re-allocated. The data is then re-allocated to account for the missing drive. This process always takes place in the background and therefore users won't even notice. You can even access your data during the reallocation process. The system will only ask for user intervention if Dashboard or the status lights on the front tell you to do so.

Dashboard will notify and recommend counter-measures if you run out of storage capacity.

Status lights on the right-hand side of Drobo indicate the system status. Depending on LED color or flashing frequency, users will know which drive is failing, if everything is running smoothly or if hard drives can be removed or not. The blue LED line on the lower end of Drobo indicates the amount of data that is stored. Drobo can also be used without having Dashboard installed.

The fill level indicator and hard drive status are indicated.

  • Thank you for your review. I only want to add that there is a 2nd generation drobo that gives Firewire support. Also, you can buy droboshare to go along with one or two drobo for network access. I would be most interested in reading your thoughts about the different connection abilities and speeds.
    Thanks again