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Round-Up: 15 microSDHC Cards, Benchmarked And Reviewed

Benchmark Results: Throughput

Rather homogenously, the tested microSDHC cards achieve sequential read speeds closely matching their speed class. At the lower end, there are two Class 4 cards, followed by five Class 6 cards that perform very similarly with the notable exception of MemoryStar's microSDHC card. Fortunately for North American customers, that product isn't available here, so you don't have to worry about it.

A similarly coherent picture emerges from the seven Class 10 cards. The speed difference between the fastest and the slowest Class 10 model is only 1.5 MB/s.

The big surprise from this test is the SanDisk Mobile Ultra microSDHC, which takes the performance crown with its 22.8 MB/s sequential read speed in spite of being labeled Class 4.

The sequential write benchmark is dominated by both Class 10 MemoryStar cards, which are in a performance category of their own (but unavailable in the U.S.). Only the Kingston 16 GB card can come close to keeping up. The bulk of our review samples, however, exhibit write performance between 10 and 12 MB/s.