Multi-Button Jog & Shuttle Control: Contour Design Shuttle Pro 2

External Design

Shuttle Pro 2 compared to the $20 dollar bill.

The Shuttle Pro 2 is well designed and has a nice solid feel to it. It is a little longer than a $20 dollar bill, and is as thick as the average hand.

The outer jog wheel has a rubber coating. The inner jog wheel is alloy metal with three indentations to help with turning. The inner jog wheel is generally used for moving frame by frame, while the outer jog shuttle moves the video multiple frames at a time. The bottom of the Shuttle Pro 2 has six rubberized feet that will grip to most table surfaces

Text labels have been placed under the clear plastic caps.

The top of the Shuttle Pro 2 has nine small buttons, and six large buttons. The clear plastic caps on the small buttons can be easily removed with your fingernails. Contour Design has provided a sheet of 144 labels to place under the plastic caps, 72 of which already have text and symbols, while the other 72 are blank.