Multi-Button Jog & Shuttle Control: Contour Design Shuttle Pro 2

Application Compatibility

A partial list of applications that the Shuttle Pro 2 supports.

The Shuttle Pro is compatible with Macs and PCs and comes with a CD that has all the necessary drivers. We highly suggest not using the driver that comes with the CD, as the driver is probably outdated. The most recent drivers can be found at Contour Design's website . The new drivers allow the Shuttle Pro 2 to work with more applications.

The Shuttle Pro 2 can be used with almost any application that requires multiple keystrokes. Gamers will benefit by assigning the most often used keystrokes to the buttons and jog shuttle. One common setting is setting the jog shuttle to cycle through available weapons.


If you do a lot of graphics or video editing, the Shuttle Pro 2 can increase your productivity greatly. The 15 programmable buttons and the jog wheel will free you from switching your hands from the mouse to keyboard. With preset buttons for dozens of applications and 72 text labels, the Shuttle Pro 2 is ready to plug and play straight out of the box.

At $129.95, it might be a little expensive for the hobbyist, but is a good deal for anyone who makes a living from editing video. The Contour Design Shuttle Pro 2 is a quality product and should be considered by the serious graphics/video professional.