Mvix Adds Multimedia Player Sauces to External Storage

The USB Connection And Configuration

As soon as a USB cable connects the MV-5000U to a PC, it works like any other external hard drive.

After connecting the device to a PC with a USB cable, it will serve as a regular USB hard drive. If you want to use it as a multimedia playback device, you have to unplug the USB connector since the system cannot playback media while connected.

After hooking up the drive via USB for the first time, you will have to enter the Windows Management Console and access Storage -> Disc Management in order to create and format a partition before you can begin dumping data onto your drive.

After unplugging the USB cable, you can use the device's display or your TV to view or listen to audio, video or photo files.

Setting up the unit is much easier when using a TV to display all of the options.

Browsing through the folders is not comfortable, but certainly doable via the integrated LC display.