Mysteries Of The CDRW and Back Ups Revealed

LTR-24102B - Lite-On

It might look a little plain on the front of the drive, but the LTR-24102B did well in our testing. Seemingly coming from out of nowhere, Lite On has started to produce some really great CDRW drives.

Lite On has been in the optical storage business for a long time. From personal experience, I can truthfully say that my experience with Lite On products in the past has been a mixed bag. Some products were very good, while others were not so good. However, it appears that Lite On has changed all of this with their release of the LTR-24102B, which was the first hit CDRW drive in what would appear to be a long list of CDRW success stories.

Speed - CDR / CDRW / READ 24X/10X/40X
Interface ATAPI/IDE
Firmware Version 5S59
Best Write Mode RAW-DAO 96
Best Read Mode RAW+96
Best Audio Read Mode RAW+96
Buffer-Underrun Technology Yes
Correct EMF-Encoding Yes
Street Price (USD) Under $100

Lite On has been racking up the awards as of late, and with the performance of the LTR-24102B, we can understand why. This drive does pretty much everything right. It is reliable and worked well in our testing.

We found the front face plate of the drive to be a little non descript, but that didn't dampen our experience with the LTR-24102B.

In our back up testing, the drive was able to handle three of our four test discs, which tied it with Asus for first place. We had no problems reading discs written with the Lite On in other drives.

Nero CD Speed Test results for the LTR-24102B.

Lite On has produced a winning drive with excellent performance. The drive was solid, and performed above what we could have expected. It is available for a reasonable price, but, of course, you might be able to get some of the LTR-24102B's faster cousins that can do the same thing for just a tad more money. Again, you will want to keep your eye on these guys, as they are definetely on the right track in the customer satisfaction department.

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