Mysteries Of The CDRW and Back Ups Revealed

PX-W2410A - Plextor

The PX-W2410A drive has won a lot of awards. What else can one say about a company that produces some of the best and most reliable products around?

No true computer enthusiast doesn't know about Plextor. Plextor is one company from what we might consider the "old guard" that is still around and still making incredible innovations. Plextor's name has always stood for quality and, as is to be expected, this quality has always come at a price that was above most of their adversaries in the optical storage business. Plextor is able to continue to charge a higher price for their products because they have an exceptional reputation for being the best.

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Speed - CDR / CDRW / READ24X/10X/40X
Firmware Version1.02
Best Write ModeRAW-DAO 96
Best Read ModeRAW+96
Best Audio Read ModeRAW+96
Buffer-Underrun TechnologyYes
Correct EMF-EncodingYes
Street Price (USD)Under $130

Reputation alone can't carry a company in the optical storage business. A loyal following of fans is also needed to spread the word about a company's products.

Plextor has always been an innovator, so you can understand why it was difficult to accept the fact that this exceptional drive didn't fare that well on our back up tests. The PX-W2410A was only able to handle two of our test discs successfully. This was a disappointment, to say the least.

Nero CD Speed Test results for the PX-W2410A.

This drive has been reviewed ad nauseum, so we are not going to bore you with the details again. The performance of the drive in everyday use was exceptional, and its construction was second to none. However, if you are looking for a drive that can back up more than two of our four test discs, you will have to look elsewhere, we are sad to report. Other drives in the Plextor product family have fared better than the PX-W2410A did, so if you feel you must have the Plextor brand, you would be better off with one of those other Plextor drives. The performance and reliability reputation that Plextor products have in the industry continues to make Plextor products our drives of choice. That said, the PX-W2410A drive was just not suited for the tests in our review.