Mysteries Of The CDRW and Back Ups Revealed

Copy Protection...What Protection? Continued

We used Clony XXL to locate an audio disc that was protected with Cactus Data Shield for use as test disc 4.

While there are many types of protection, we focused on these four main types of protection in our testing. If you are trying to determine the type of protection that is used on a specific title, a utility called Clony XXL can help identify it for you. Once you identify the protection scheme used, it is then easier to isolate the correct software and approach that needs to be used to back up the title in question. Of course, your favorite search engine and a little detective work on the Internet might still be required in order to make your back ups, but for the most part, the information is fairly easy to find.

As mentioned above, these are just a few of the protection schemes that are in use. As time goes by, you can rest assured that enhanced versions of the schemes we've mentioned will be made available, as well as new schemes that will challenge even the most capable of CDRW drives. This is important to note, as making a buying decision based solely on the new drive's ability to handle these four protection schemes could still leave you vulnerable in the event that new or improved schemes appear. However, these four schemes do provide a good indication of the overall capability of the drives we tested.