Nice Toy: Jianghai DVD-Player DVP-9000C

Features Of The DVP-9000C

Supported formats are DVD, CD-i, Video CD, Audio CD, MP3 and Karaoke CD. One of the most interesting features is the fact that the Jianghai player does not care about DVD region codes. I tried two code 2 DVDs, one code 1 and a fourth without region code. Everything worked properly!

Fortunately I still have some CD-i discs which I could now recycle for this review. The picture quality I saw was definitely adequate to enjoy the movie. Another funky feature is the support of karaoke CDs.

Here you have two microphone line-ins and two regulators for the mic input level and the echo level. Unfortunately (or fortunate for the other people in the lab) I did not have any karaoke CD to test it.

Next I tried a CD-R containing almost 300 MP3 files in five directories. The DVP-9000C listed all tracks alphabetically so that I could select the one I wanted over the remote control.

The player supports fast forward and rewind at 2x, 4x, 8x or 12x playback speed, repeat a-b, a goto function which allows you to type in a time and a zoom function.

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