Nice Toy: Jianghai DVD-Player DVP-9000C


Some people may complain about the medium quality of the front buttons or the strange "brand" name. Of course you should not compare such a low-end player with real brand players which strive for perfection. The Jianghai DVP-9000C can be obtained for less than $200, a very attravtive price if you consider the good picture and sound quality and the rich feature set.

The karaoke function may not be too important in Europe or the US, but Asians like this kind of entertainment. There's no hint on the production place neither on the player nor on the box, but we know that it's China.

I doubt that you will find any DVD-player as feature rich as this Jianghai for a similar or even lower price. The video industry may not be happy with it, but the DVP-9000C will play every DVD you stick into it except for MPEG4-disks. I tried a CD with one MPEG-4 file, but the disc was not even recognized.

If you don't have a DVD player and want to get one - the Jianghai is an interesting option. You won't have to spend a lot of money and will get a fully featured Hifi device which can also play MP3 discs.

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