Nice Toy: Jianghai DVD-Player DVP-9000C

Remote Control

The remote control is ergonomically designed and all buttons on it are well organzied. All playback function buttons have an orange background, whilst the function buttons are marked in blue. The remote control carries much more functions than the DVD player itself. Features like 3D sound, subtitle alteration, repeat etc. can only be performed over the remote control. I like that the control also includes a button to eject the disc. Unfortunately, there are no batteries in the box.


The Jianghai player comes with an integrated AC3 decoder, giving you the option to attach all 6 lines (2 front, 2 rear, center and subwoofer) to a receiver or amplifier without decoder. Of course you may also use either the coaxial or the optical digital output to attach the DVD player to a fully featured Dolby Digital device. If you have a less expensive model without digital inputs, you can also attach the DVP-9000C using the analog audio out.

Two video outputs are available, one composite and a S-Video out. Both can be used simlutaneously, just in case if you should have two TVs! Two more scart ports are available as well. Here you can attach e.g. a video recorder.

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