NVIDIA GeForce 6600 GT Comes To THG's Lab

NVIDIA GeForce 6600 GT Performance Evaluation

Nearly a month ago, NVIDIA introduced its new mid-range family of cards, the GeForce 6600 , which was remarkable for being exclusively PCI Express parts, among other things. Now NVIDIA has sent out the first real hardware samples for review. Originally, the company had planned to ship the first batch of retail cards concurrently with their launch, but then decided at the last minute to remove the second auxiliary power connector on the bigger GT version of the card. The new BIOS that this necessitated, as well as several driver bugs that NVIDIA seems to have encountered, caused further delays. As a matter of fact, upon closer inspection of our review sample, we came to the conclusion that it, too, must have once had a second aux-power connector that was removed, judging by the signs of soldering work. This had no influence on the card's performance or operation, however, which were both flawless. All tests were completed without problems or crashes.