NVIDIA Strikes Back - The GeForce2 Ultra 3D Monster

Overclocking Results

As already mentioned above, I was able to run my GeForce2 Ultra sample at 285 MHz core clock and 500 MHz memory clock. This represents a core clock increase of 14% and a memory clock increase of 8.6 %. The main gain is due to the increased memory bandwidth, the core clock has only got a minor impact, because the fast chip is still starving for data. Here are the results:

Except for the 'low' resolution and color depth of 1024x768x16, where the CPU/system is the limiting factor, the overclocking translates in frame rate increases of 5 - 10%. Especially at 1600x1200 the benefit of the overclocking is very well noticeable.

The same as for Quake 3 is valid for MDK2 as well.

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