NVIDIA Takes a New Stab at the Mainstream with GeForce 6600

NVIDIA GeForce 6600 GT

The key facts about GeForce 6600 GT with PCI Express:

  • DirectX support: DirectX 9.0c (SM 3.0)
  • Pixel pipelines: 8
  • Vertex shaders: 3
  • Manufacturing process: 110 nanometer
  • Transistors: 146 million
  • Core clock speed: 500 MHz
  • Memory clock speed: 1000 MHz (DDR)
  • Memory expansion: 128/256 MB
  • Memory technology: GDDR3
  • Memory buswidth: 128-bit
  • Other features: Integrated video processor; SLI support; no additional power supply
  • Probable street price: $199 - $229

The AGP8x version cannot do without an extra power supply connection on the card. SLI capability is also lost.

In approximately the same price segment there are at the moment such products as the NVIDIA GeForce 5700 Ultra, 5900 and 5900XT and the ATI Radeon X600 XT, X600 Pro and 9800 Pro. It will only be possible to make a precise assessment of the competing models, however, when the first cards are available in the shops and realistic prices have been set.