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Nvidia's Tegra 3 Optimizations: THD Android Games, Tested

Grand Theft Auto III And Heroes Call

Grand Theft Auto III

Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto III is already well-known worldwide and was recently re-released for mobile devices. Remember that this is the only paid game in our selection, but c’mon, it’s friggin' GTA! The game operates flawlessly on all four of our test devices.

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Tegra 3

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Nexus 4

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Galaxy S3

Once we synchronized the game’s view distance and detail levels, there were no visible differences between our three high-end Android-based phones. However, it was noticeably more fluid on the Samsung Galaxy S III than the Tegra 3-powered HTC One X+. Interestingly, GTA 3 is the only game in our suite that runs worse on iOS. The view distance is not as far and there are fewer details than on Android. The game also doesn’t support the iPhone 5’s 16:9 display, though it’s a good bet that a simple update to GTA could correct these issues.

Heroes Call

Heroes Call is an action RPG with very good graphics. Fans of Diablo and Torchlight won’t be disappointed. While Google Play offers only one version of Heroes Call, Tegra-equipped devices automatically receive the THD edition, whereas other devices download the standard version.

According to Nvidia’s technical documentation, Tegra 3 improves Heroes Call’s lighting effects, physics, and camera control. While the lighting effects are a little different on the HTC One X+, we really couldn’t see a difference as far as physics or camera management. The game is visually identical on the other three test devices.