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Micron RealSSD P320h Review: A PCIe Drive Capable Of 3.2 GB/s

Sequential Performance

When it comes to sequential performance, the P320h lives up to long as you throw enough operations at it. Normally, we use ATTO for evaluating sequential performance across transfer sizes. This causes a problem for us, though. ATTO's low queue depths negatively affect the P320h's outcome. At the utility's maximum queue depth of 10, Micron's drive goes severely underutilized.

Switching over to Iometer and a queue depth of 32 gives us performance results closer to what we were expecting. Although we weren't quite able to coax 3.2 GB/s out of it, we consistently saw more than 2.8 GB/s, peaking above 3 GB/s.

Sequential write operations result in a similar tale. Although the P320h responds better to writes at lower queue depths than it did to reads, dipping below 32 outstanding operations causes the P320h to hit its peak moving 2 MB blocks (as opposed to 128 KB blocks).