The P4-560's Heat Can Crash and Kill

Step Two: System Setup

We conducted the temperature measurements using a Chieftec chassis, model DX-01W (Dragon series), which is widely available and allows for good ventilation.

In order to measure the chassis temperature, we placed a thermal diode at the center of the system. An Intel D925XECV2 was used.In order to avoid sources of error, we updated the latest BIOS version (CV92510A.86A.0338, October 15, 2004).

We picked a GeForce 6800GT graphics card, since hardly any ambitious user would buy a high-end motherboard and processor in order to install an average graphics card.

We used a digital-multi-meter in order to measure the chassis temperature.

The temperature zones 1 and 2 were defined by Intel. In addition to that, we used our sensor.

This is the BIOS version we used.