PC Size Means Everything

Biostar IDEQ 200T, Continued

CPU-fan built specifically for the bare-bones model with heat pipe system

The channels of the heat pipe can be seen clearly here

The first mini-PC of this class from Biostar seems to be quite felicitous. The vertically installed heat-pipe cooling system of the processor, tailor-made for the system, makes efficient cooling possible. The effectiveness of the cooler could be improved still more by putting a funnel in front of it. Worthy of notice is the clean arrangement of the cables within the case - none of the other test candidates offers this. The power supply provides a maximum power output of 200 watts, which is plenty for most configurations. It also offers the option of creating a RAID setup by using two hard drives per serial ATA. However, installing an additional fan is advisable in that case, because 7200 hard drives need cooling.

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