PC Size Means Everything

Biostar IDEQ 200T: SATA-RAID And Heat Pipe

Design packaging of the bare-bones iDEQ-200T

Mini-PC from Biostar

The drive slots are behind a panel

What is included in the Biostar bare-bones package: Additional panels for the slots, cable and (color-matched) manual

Biostar offers three different bare-bones systems: There is the all-in-one LCD PC series (eDEQ), the Mini Studio PC series (iDEQ) and the Easy PC Eagle series. This means that the selection comprises nine different bare-bones systems. We tested the iDEQ 200T from the Studio series, which is meant for the P4 platform and is based on the Intel 865G chipset. Both the older P4 processors with 133 MHz FSB speed (FSB533) and the current CPUs with 200 MHz FSB speed (FSB800) are supported.