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Pioneer's DVR-A08XLA Jumps to 4x Dual Layer Speeds

Concentration Of Technology

As usual, Pioneer has based the circuit board of its burner on a set of NEC components. At first sight, the card looks very much like that of the DVR-A07. You really need to look at it up close and personal to see the differences.

Like any self-respecting burner, the DVR-A08XLA incorporates a whole battery of systems that protects burning from any kind of failure. Here are the details.

Liquid Crystal Tilt/Thickness Compensator : the laser beam is concentrated on the surface of the disk through a lens. To optimize focus, a liquid crystal matrix flows over the lens. This also enables the laser to maintain a 90° angle in relation to the disk, despite any surface imperfections.

Smart Laser Driver technology : much of the electronics have been directly incorporated in the pick-up to reduce the distance that data transmission has to travel and thus reduce interference.

Ultra Dynamic Resonance Absorber : this mechanical process materially reduces the various vibrations by absorbing them.

Buffer Under-run Protection : to avoid a problem occurring through having an empty memory buffer, the burner stops burning and starts again when the data becomes available again.