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Pioneer's DVR-A08XLA Jumps to 4x Dual Layer Speeds

DVD-R, DVD+R And DVD+R DL Writing Tests

Single Layer

We weren't able to perform a test at 16x, nor at + or - with the Pioneer. In +, only DVDs supplied by BenQ for our previous comparison test actually worked at this speed on the burner. However, the first +R 16x media should shortly be available, even if only in a limited quantity. As for the -R 16x, no specific date has been supplied by the manufacturers. For this test, all we had were 8x +R and -R media. According to Pioneer, some 8x media might work at 16x. But we only had one, the Memorex +R 8x. Although it was indeed recognized by Nero as being capable of being burned at16x, the burning was actually performed at only 12x. We shall update this article as soon as we manage to burn something at 16x, whether in + or -. Referring to the measurement of the BenQ, however, it must be realized that moving up from 12x to 16x only represents a saving of thirty seconds. Like CD-burning, the higher the speed the less noticeable the time-saving.