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Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 Performance Preview

Test System Specs, Benchmark Suite and Methodology

Test System Specs

The table below contains all the pertinent technical specifications for today’s comparison units:

Benchmark Suite

We tested the Snapdragon 805 SoC in four key sections: CPU, GPU, GPGPU, and Web.

CPU Core BenchmarksAnTuTu X (Anti-Detection), Basemark OS II Full (Anti-Detection), Geekbench 3 Pro (Anti-Detection)
GPU Core Benchmarks3DMark (Anti-Detection), Basemark X 1.1 Full (Anti-Detection), GFXBench 3.0 Corporate
GPGPU BenchmarksCompuBenchRS
Web BenchmarksJSBench, Peacekeeper 2.0,  WebXPRT 2013


All devices are benchmarked on a fully updated copy of the device's stock software. The table below lists other common device settings that we standardize to before testing.

CellularSIM card removed
Display ModeDevice Default (nonadaptive)
Location ServicesOff
SleepNever (or longest available interval)

Furthermore, for browser-based testing on Android, we're employing a static version of the Chromium-based Opera in order to keep the browser version even across all devices. Due to platform restrictions, Safari is the best choice for iOS-based devices, while Internet Explorer is the only game in town on Windows RT.