Four Quiet and Powerful Mini PCs for Intel CPUs

Dual Core Instead Of Hyper-Threading

Four models covered, three for the Intel Pentium D processor, and one Pentium M unitView more images!

The i945 chipset has made it possible for the dual core Pentium D processor to make itself at home in mini PC enclosures. At least three different vendors now offer their own customized versions of such barebones systems for the US market, with more available in Europe and elsewhere. These systems are not only powerful, they're also quiet.

They have limitations too, of course. The capability of the onboard i945 graphics chipset wins no performance prizes, so if you want to game seriously, you'll need to add a capable graphics card for best results. That might also push some of these candidate systems beyond their limits. The same goes for other add-ins, such as installing a second Serial ATA hard disk, where lack of a second SATA port on some motherboards can be a problem. Still, if there's not enough room inside the enclosure on these barebones boxes, you can always go external. You'll find some interesting hardware products along those lines after the conclusion of this comparison review.

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